Programming for Kids (Part 2): Shell Scripting

Just a note to say the Shell Scripting section is up on the wiki. I think it turned out pretty well. We will probably do 6502 Assembly next!

Towards an MVP

As noted in the BASIC section, the MVP is really the name change game. But the number guessing game is of sufficient complexity that it feels more satisfying to create. Recalling our lessons in BASIC, for the number guessing game we are looking to find four distinct components of a computer language which will enable us to write simple programs.

  1. Output data to the user.
  2. Input data from the user (into a variable)
  3. We also need the ability to compare variables (ex. IF..THEN)
  4. We need a GOTO command, or a similar command to control program flow.

These four components are as follows:

Component 1. Print to the screen

Note that the first line of a shell script must contain a comment with the path to the preferred shell script interpreter. All other comments are ignored.

If you would like to read more, please visit this article on our wiki page.