Goodbye Java Hello Swift

I haven’t given much love to this blog recently, mainly on account of my son teaching himself Java.

Basically I was going to do a whole section on Java for the wiki, but I didn’t have to — he decided to do research on the internet and figure it out for himself. He stuck to the plan; find out how to print a message, find out how to get keyboard input, and find out how to do branching with if-then. After he learned random numbers and a few other methods he began to write short, simple programs. I asked him to write a clock — he did, and his solution for printing the time in-place was very interesting.

But I’ve decided to return to Java at a later date with him and focus on Swift for now. As it turns out, I have quite a good feeling about Swift.

He doesn’t have a MacBook yet, and my MacBook still hasn’t arrived yet, so we began by installing Swift on Linux Mint under Virtualbox. It seems to be working great. We have it set up so he can edit files using sublime text, and then run them via the command line. It’s a little clunky, but I am not aware of any better Swift IDE for Linux (or Windows).

We started with

print(“hello neo!”)

And then I told him to write a short story about something he likes. The results were magical — he has already internalized the print() function!

More tomorrow.