Goodbye Swift Hello World (part 2)

The practical result of what comes out of the last post is that my son and I are going to write our first real (for sale) application as a web-based application.

It will certainly have user login for keeping track of who has paid and not, and we can easily use anything from Amazon Pay to Apple Pay to handle payments. As mentioned earlier, we do plan to (later) return to Swift and write a Mac/iOS stub for the App Store; thus allowing Mac, iOS and iPadOS customers to log in and pay using their Apple credentials. Similar could be said for the Google Play (Android) market.

To do this we will need to define again what our target environment is; for example, are we going to focus on the server side (PHP and MySQL) or the client side?

Initially, it is the back-end (PHP and MySQL) which is most important; this gives a universal basic interface for the program. There will be a very minimal interface written alongside a JSON-based web API. The web API will be used by stub applications where direct web access is inconvenient,

And there you have it, the logistics of the program have already been written, and in general terms I can already hold the entire application in my head. This is why we aren’t using Swift. At least not yet. But we will. Maybe.

Unfortunately this project is not a part of Programming with Kids. In fact there may be a book coming, called “Programming with Adults” (not really, but a different name). We may discuss aspects of that project in the book.

In any case I really wanted to use C or Java or Swift for something cool, just to say I did it. But as it turns out, time is short, and the web platform is ticking all the boxes I needed and more.